Let it snow

Snowboud Edinburgh Napier

By Andy Mackie

Last winter saw the worst snow in my lifetime. This year has topped it already. Of course the adverse weather conditions have become something of a political football with opposition parties queuing up to criticise the response offered by those in power. Here in Edinburgh the council have faced major condemnation along with the Scottish Government. While I am all for elected politicians being held to account I feel that much of the criticism in this case has been over the top. This weather was truly exceptional – the worst experienced in over 40 years – and very difficult to plan for. I was trapped in a bus attempting to hand in an essay during the traffic gridlock on Monday. Frustrating as it was I cannot see how anything could have been done to prevent the chaos. The amount of snow and freezing temperatures, during rush hour, were such that delays and temporary road closures were inevitable. The reaction of some is that we should expect life to carry on as normal regardless of weather conditions, or any other factors for that matter. We must accept that there is no magic wands in situations like this, people will be inconvenienced. It reminds me of a documentary I saw filmed at various airports in the aftermath of 9/11. While many people accepted delays and new search procedures as necessary an alarming number complained and could see no reason why their plans had to be disrupted. Perhaps these days we expect everything to run smoothly and dovetail perfectly around us. Sadly life throws up obstacles every now and then and as a society we seem unable to meet these challenges.