Son who saved dad honoured

A 15 year old schoolboy who helped save his father’s life after a bike accident has received an award from the Lothian and Borders Police.

Andy Duncan, 49,who had to be airlifted to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, suffered two heart attacks and three brain haemorrhages after the incident. Doctors believe that it was the quick thinking and actions of his son Fraser Duncan, who was 12 at the time, and three of his friends that saved his life.

The accident happened in August 2009 when Fraser went cycling with his friends Stuart Anderson, who was 14 and brother and sister Charlie and Lucy Finlayson, then 14 and 12. The youngster had forgotten his cycling helmet so his mother Linda dispatched her husband to deliver it.

After handing his son the helmet Mr Duncan, who was not wearing one, went over the handlebars of his bike.

It was then that the four youngsters sprung into action using Mr Duncan’s mobile phone to contact emergency services. Fraser and Stuart stayed with the victim while Charlie and Lucy went onto the main road to guide the ambulance to the isolated location.

It was during this period that Fraser claims that Stuart became the real hero of the story. He said: “Stuart was a lifesaver, he became the team captain, giving us all tasks and keeping us calm, especially me.”

Fraser suffered from nightmares for over a year after the accident, blaming himself for events. However, his father is in no doubt that his sons actions helped save his life.

Mr Duncan said: “In my mind there are three reasons why I am standing here today. Firstly I had my mobile phone with me as none of the kids had one, secondly an air ambulance was available to take me to hospital and most importantly these four.”

The fact that Mr Duncan had his mobile phone with him was a stroke of luck as his wife Linda, 47 explained: “After Andy left I noticed that he had left his phone behind. “I ran out after him and gave him it. Normally he puts everything in his right pocket but that day for some reason he put it in his left pocket.

He fell on his right side so it would probably have been smashed if it was in that pocket. We feel like someone was looking down on us that day.”

Mr Duncan who works as  a senior project manager in Edinburgh returned to work six months after the accident which had left him in a coma for almost a month. Doctors described this recovery time as “miraculous” as they had initially doubted whether Mr Duncan would ever be able to walk again.

Fraser and Stuart have formed a particularly strong bond in the wake of the incident. Fraser said: “After the accident me and my little sister Rachel went to stay with Stuart’s family and he was our rock and he is now a very close family friend.”

The four each received a meritorious award from the Chief Constable of Lothian and Borders Police David Strang. Other recipients of awards at the event at the forces Fettes headquarters included Peebles man Robin Waddell who gave life-saving CPR to a one year old girl outside his home.