Rennie backs Lib Dem vision of federalism

Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie

Scottish Lib Dem leader, Willie Rennie has spoken in support of the ‘Federalism: the best future for Scotland’, report from the Scottish Liberal Democrat’s Home Rule and Community Rule Commission.

The report claims that a form of enhanced devolution, with Scotland given full tax varying powers, within a federal United Kingdom is the best way forward for Scotland. At the launch of the report, which would see the historic Act of Union between Scotland and England being scrapped and replaced by a declaration of federal union, commission chairman Sir Menzies Campbell MP claimed that the current devolved set-up was “unsustainable”.

Mr Rennie stated that his party’s vision will serve Scotland better than the SNP’s independence policy. He said: “Our ambition is to improve the social, environmental and economic well-being of Scotland.

“That ambition can be best achieved when we have a parliament with the powers and responsibilities that enable it to be sensitive and flexible to local needs while able to share risks and rewards with the rest of the UK.

“Home Rule within a federal UK embeds that local power and the means to share with our partners.”

Mr Rennie goes on to acknowledge that the current constitutional setup is no longer relevant for Scotland. He said: “Since 1999 when devolution was in its infancy the Scottish Parliament has matured and grown in strength and authority. The time has come for it to move to a fully-fledged partner as a Home Rule Parliament within a federal United Kingdom.”

Despite the Lib Dems strong opposition to any question regarding enhanced devolution being included in the independence referendum, Mr Rennie claims that his party will be working towards increased federal powers for Holyrood stating: “We will use these plans to lead the debate, to build a consensus and secure a mandate for reform at the next general election. We urge people who like our plans to come on side and make the case for this change.”

Original article here

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