Greens claim to be only alternative.

By Andy Mackie

The Green party are the only party in the UK offering a radical and progressive alternative.

That was the message given to the Scottish Green Party conference by Caroline Lucas MP on the day that the party had passed a motion to consider using the Scottish Parliaments tax raising powers.

Lucas, the Greens  first ever Westminster representative, used the platform to slam all four major Sottish parties. Criticising the coalition government for its cuts she said: “Cuts that are knowingly aimed at the most vulnerable? Cuts that, as even the Institute for Fiscal Studies recently confirmed, clearly hit the poorest hardest, and women most of all?” She went on to comment on the Lib Dems position: ” I don’t criticise Nick Clegg and those around him for agreeing to work with other parties. But I do criticise him for the terms of that deal.”

Turning her attention to the Conservatives she attacked David Cameron for misleading the public over green affairs stating: “Many people were taken in by Cameron’s silky words on the environment. Vote Blue, get Green. It sounds so much better than Vote Blue, Screw You. Now we see the reality.”

Of the Labour party she said that the party was stuck in the past and unable to offer a progressive opposition. Lucas said: “even with the passing of Blair
and Brown, they are still stuck in the New Labour nightmare. ”

Lucas also attacked the SNPs record in government stating: “The tired SNP government has run out of steam.”

Earlier in the day the conference had voted on an emergency motion regarding the proposed cuts to public services. The motion stating the Greens opposition to these cuts and opening the possibility of using the parliaments tax varying powers to achieve this was passed overwhelmingly.

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