Interviews, contacts, unions, youths and Burma VJ

I was out and about early last Saturday morning, covered in head to toe with waterproofs, to report on the STUC march. The final story is below this article but I was able to make some valuable contacts in the union world. Joy Dunn who is the President of the STUC was able to put me in touch with Fiona Low at the PCS and she was an invaluable help. The interviews I was able to carry out gave my story some real flesh.

On Friday I visited the Scottish Parliament and was able to see the Scottish Youth Parliament in action. I have to say I was very impressed by what I saw. The youngsters involved in debates about mosquito devices and political education in schools were knowledgeable, authoritative and assertive. Andrew Deans who had started the petition gave us an impromptu press conference afterwards and handled it in a manner way beyond his years. The Youth Parliament is definitely a very good thing and more people should be aware of it.

One final inspiring incident happened during my global current affairs lecture when we were shown the dvd Burma VJ. For those unfamiliar with it is a documentary based on footage filmed in the oppressive state of Burma by ‘guerilla’ journalists, the VJs of the title. These journalists risk arrest, beatings and death to film and highlight the human rights violations taking place in their country. There are many fine investigative journalists in this country but none have to take the risks of their Burmese counterparts. To carry on after seeing people beaten and even shot for doing the same thing is awe-inspiring.

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