It’s a long way to the top….

I grew up in an era when being a fan of rock music was often looked down on as yobbish and low intellectual. Things have changed in the last 30 years and it is now entirely acceptable to profess a love of Led Zeppelin, the Stones or AC/DC.  Indeed to go to any establishment such as bank, law firm or government and the many senior figures are just as likely to pop Highway to Hell or Physical Graffiti into their cd player for the car journey home as Mozart or Bach.

I was reminded just how ‘respectable’ rock music has become last week when the Scotsman ran a story about the 30th anniversary of the death of Bon Scott. AC/DCs original singer. It has been a slow process but over the years rock music has become more and more accepted in the quality press. Initially it was acts see as more political or ‘high brow’ like Dylan, Springsteen or the Smiths that would garner attention. These days bands like AC/DC are just as likely to be covered.

The article worked on many levels for me. Not least on the criteria that it provided me with some information I was previously unaware of. In this case while I knew that both Bon Scott and JM Barrie hailed from the Scottish village of Kirriemuir – and I have always liked the irony of the authors of Peter Pan and Whole Lotta Rosie hailing from the same place – but I was unaware that Scottish mountaineer Sir Hugh Munro was also born there. Not a bad list for a small village with a population of under 6,000.

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